Сүлөөтэ Нэбтэрхы Толи — Википеэдиһээ

Hello everyone,

My nickname for the project is Tsebeen, which is a Buryadized form of the tibetan name Tse-wang. First and only thing I would like to ask those who writes me a message - please, do not request translating any materials connected with missionary activities. I won't do that, first of all because I am not a christian so I cannot make a proper translation. Anyway sorry for that.

My major is mongolian linguistics. Buryad is my mother tongue. I did not speak any language besides Buryad until four, when our family moved to Kazakhstan. There I got my first lessons of spoken russian from my little girl-friend. After coming back to Buryad-Mongolia I went to russian school (there was and is not any school with Buryad as a language of instruction). After that I spent 5 years at university. So basically the language of my education was Russian. BUT during past years I spent much time learning my native language and also mongol script and other mongolic idioms like khalkha, khalmyk, and daur, of which I am a fluent speaker of khalkha.

Modern Buryad was created during soviet era. Its proper name should be Buryad-Mongol, but as a result of certain political issues it was renamed and now officially called Buryad, which is essentially only the part of its name. Buryad-Mongol is enlisted among endangered languages in UNESCO's RED BOOK of endangered languages with 3d, and 4th degree of endangerement. So it has problems. One can name quite a number of them. In my opinion the main is lack of financial aid from the government both local and federal. Of course I realize the importance of active communities which are able to contribute into the future prosperity of Buryad. Therefore I have registered here and am ready to develop the project.

Thanks for reading